The Tactical Games.


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WHERE: Escarpment Arms – 3580 Lockport Olcott Rd, Lockport, NY 14094

WHEN: Saturday – October 23, 2021 at 8:00 AM

PRICE: $120.00 per athlete

The Rounds & Pounds Skirmish is a one-day competition comprised of three challenges referred to as “Battles.” The Skirmish will combine functional fitness movements with two-gun shooting. Athletes will simultaneously address the physical challenges of functional movement under weight and the demands of accurate combat shooting.

The Skirmish will assess each athlete’s level of combat fitness and marksmanship capability to produce a preparedness metric for the tactical athlete. The event will be hosted by Bull Creek Strategic and Escarpment Arms at their outdoor range located at 3580 Lockport Olcott Rd, Lockport, NY 14094. The Firing Pin and First Line Defense will provide logistics support for the Skirmish. Spectators are welcome to attend free of charge and numerous firearms industry vendors will be in attendance.


The Skirmish will prepare athletes to compete at two-day events held across the U.S. by The Tactical Games. The aforementioned two-day events were created to provide a platform to test the skills and readiness of tactical athletes from all backgrounds. Whether you are military, LEO, a competition shooter, or a civilian gun enthusiast, you can compete in The Tactical Games.

The Tactical Games provide a venue for all shooters and athletes to compete against the best in the world to find weaknesses and test gear in the most stressful environment a competition can offer.

No Off Season!



*Following is a summary of basic Skirmish divisions and rules. Review the full Tactical Games rules HERE*

Division Summary:

  • Elite – Excellent physical condition. High accuracy standards. Completes functional fitness workouts “RX.”
  • Intermediate – Good physical condition. Developing as a shooter with average to above average accuracy.
  • Master’s – Ages 40 and up. Good physical condition. Completes functional fitness workouts “RX” for age group scales.
  • Women’s – All female competitors. Good to excellent physical condition. Completes functional fitness workouts scaled.
  • Light – Not fully confident in physical and accuracy abilities, but SAFE with a firearm. Interested in learning about the sport by participating in an entry-level division.

Rules Summary:

  • Men’s plate carriers must be 15 lbs. or heavier when weighed slick (meaning without ammo and additional gear stowed).
  • Women’s plate carriers must be 12 lbs. or heavier when weighed slick.
  • Light Division competitors are not required to meet a plate carrier weight standard.
  • Any athlete found to be running a plate carrier failing to meet the applicable weight requirement for their division will be disqualified.
  • 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem are the permitted rifle calibers at The Tactical Games Skirmish.
  • 9mm, .40, or .45 are the permitted pistol calibers at The Tactical Games Skirmish.
  • NO penetrator/armor-piercing/green-tip, tracers, explosive, incendiary, or frangible rounds of any kind are permitted.
  • To ensure your fellow competitors do not receive a face full of gas on the firing line, NO muzzle brakes or compensators are permitted. If you have a brake or comp on your rifle/pistol that accepts a suppressor, you are welcome to run your suppressor at the Skirmish.
  • No red dot, electronic, and/or holographic sights are permitted on pistols.
  • Athletes can withdraw up to two weeks prior to the Skirmish date for a 50% refund. Withdrawal requests less than two weeks prior to the Skirmish date will be denied.


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